Calling All Women

Calling All Women

Calling All Women: We welcome you to submit your writing to us. Please contact us at We’d love you to become a part of our emerging community.


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List Building 3: Lessons learned from List Attraction Week

Lisa Angelettie (@girlshrink) talked about Article Marketing for List Attraction. I have learned a lot. I agreed that social media connects people, helps with introductions and it’s effective for list building.

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List Building 2: Lessons learned from List Attraction Week

Now it’s time to share lessons I’ve learned from Jennifer Bourn (@jenniferbourn) on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). She emphasized that good functional design and great content are key for SEO.

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List Building 1: Lessons learned from List Attraction Week

Twitter has been good to me. I have been meeting new people, learning new things and giving back. In the series of upcoming posts, I want to share with you what I have learned from people I have met thanks to Twitter.

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Twitter Universe

Twitter is a quest to be recognized for who you are while developing connections with people you’ve never met. Being an A-type myself, Twitter universe speaks my language and moves at my speed.

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Twitter versus Facebook

I am really digging Twitter and I am ambivalent about Facebook. Facebook does help you to be in-the-know about what’s going on with your family and friends. Facebook is likened to a backyard picnic while Twitter to a cocktail party. So far I’ve been enjoying a cocktail party more.

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What I learned in one month of being deeply immersed into social media

Last year I was a Social Media luddite. I was an experienced marketing professional who was well-versed in web design, branding, event management, traditional marketing best practices and so on and so forth but Social Media wise, I only used LinkedIn for my professional networking and a Russian networking site to keep in touch with my friends from Russia.

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